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JGR specializes in oversize short- and long-haul.

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148 power units and 580 plus trailers...

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Stations in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, & Virginia...

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Cell Phone Ban

Cell Phone Ban

Part 392 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations contains restrictions on testing and the use of hand - held mobile telephones while driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), to include: Texting Ban (392.80): You nay not manually enter into or read text from an electornic device while drivi... Read more

Here We GROW!

Here We GROW!

On the move for 2012 with the purchase of 10 New 2012 International ProStars. These units will be an addition to our fleet and will give J. Grady Randolph, Inc. more than 140 power units to satisfy our customers requirements. Read more


He was unaware of being watched and observed daily by the Contractors, Site Supervisors and safety team for his performance,safety practices and work ethics. Chuck Todd, a three year veterian of JGR was assigned to a job site to oversee the day to day activity of our employees and to manage the flow... Read more

Wellness Program

J. Grady Randolph, Inc. has implemented a wellness program for all employees. Starting in March 2011 the Greenville and Gaffney S.C. locations have been given the opportunity to join the YMCA with family participation. As part of the program JGR included the employee's family in this get fit opportu... Read more

Canadian Authority

Canadian Authority

J. Grady Randolph, Inc. receives authority for Canada. We are now able to transport within the providences of Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Read more

Safety is #1

JGR-Inc. has received Safety Awards from the South Carolina Trucking Association every year since 2005.  Learn More...


“J. Grady Randolph, Inc. has provided excellent response time to accommodate our needs for 20+ years.  We appreciate the 'what can I do for you?' attitude of their whole team...  we know our product will safely arrive at its destination on time and as quickly as possible... It is a pleasure to work with JGR, and we look forward to continuing our business relationship with them.”

Jimmy Knight
Sr. Vice President, Metromont Corporation

Proud Member

SmartWay Transport Partner

South Carolina Trucking Association American Trucking Association

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